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Mini Washing Machine, 8L Folding Portable Sterilization Drying Laundry Machine

Mini Washing Machine, 8L Folding Portable Sterilization Drying Laundry Machine

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Keep your small items clean and fresh with our Folding Portable Mini Washing Machine. This compact and foldable washer is specially designed for baby clothes, underwear, socks, towels, fruits and vegetables, and pet supplies. Please note that it is not suitable for washing sweaters or large clothes. With a wash capacity of 2.64 lbs/8 liters, it can comfortably wash 3 baby t-shirts, 6 underwear, or 10 pairs of socks. Perfect for travelers, tight spaces, and busy families with babies, pets, or the sick. Choose from three washing modes, including quick wash, standard wash, and dehydration, and enjoy the added convenience of blue light sterilization. The wash cycle is just 10 minutes, saving you time and money. Crafted with durable and eco-friendly materials, this mini washing machine effectively removes dirt while being gentle on your items.


1. Compact and Portable Design: Our folding portable mini washing machine is designed to be compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for travelers, those with limited space, and on-the-go laundry needs.

2. Multi-functional and Versatile: This mini washing machine is not just limited to washing clothes. It can also be used to clean baby clothes, underwear, socks, towels, fruits, vegetables, and even pet supplies. It offers a convenient solution for various household cleaning needs.

3. Three Washing Modes: With three different washing modes - quick wash, standard wash, and dehydration, you can choose the most suitable mode for your specific laundry requirements. It provides flexibility and customization options to ensure effective cleaning results.

4. Blue Light Sterilization: Our mini washing machine is equipped with a blue light sterilization feature, which helps in eliminating bacteria and keeping your clothes fresh and sanitized. This additional benefit ensures cleaner and healthier laundry.

5. Time and Energy-saving: This mini washing machine offers a quick wash cycle of just 10 minutes, allowing you to complete your laundry tasks efficiently. It also consumes minimal water and energy, making it a cost-effective choice and an environmentally-friendly option.

6. Durable and Eco-friendly Material: Made of high-quality ABS and TPR materials, our mini washing machine is built to last. It is durable enough to withstand regular use and is also eco-friendly, supporting sustainable living practices.

7. Suitable for Various Users: Whether you are a frequent traveler, a busy parent with a baby, a pet owner, or someone with limited space, our mini washing machine caters to various users and their unique needs. It offers convenience and practicality for all.

8. User-friendly and Easy to Operate: Our mini washing machine is designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-use controls and a simple operation process. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users, ensuring hassle-free laundry experiences.

9. Complete Package: When you purchase our folding portable mini washing machine, you will receive a comprehensive package that includes the machine itself, a power plug, a drain basket, a drain pipe, and an English user manual. This ensures that you have everything you need to start using the machine immediately.

Package Includes:

- 1x Folding Washing Machine

- 1x Power Plug

- 1x Drain Basket

- 1x Drain Pipe

- 1x English User Manual

Manufacturer Part Number:Beirui8118-A
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