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Focal 100 OD6 Outdoor Loudspeaker - Each

Focal 100 OD6 Outdoor Loudspeaker - Each

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The 100 OD6 loudspeakers have reaped the rewards of Focals expertise and deliver high quality sound playback in outdoor environments. Just like the other models in the 100 Series range they contain Focal technologies with an Aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a Polyglass treated bass/mid-range speaker driver at the source of their acoustic performance. These loudspeakers have been designed for extreme weather conditions and have received IP66 certification meaning they are highly resistant to bad weather. They have been manufactured around a high-density polypropylene cabinet with an Aluminum grille and have a reinforced Aluminum bracket so it can be fixed securely either vertically or horizontally. Available in a ready-to-paint black or white finish they have also had a UV protection treatment.


  • Aluminum fixing bracket with reinforced profile notched fastening with 180 degree articulation

  • Features:Outdoor Use
    Brand:Focal Electronics
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