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Built-In Stainless Steel Commercial 130Lbs/24H Ice Maker Portable Ice Machine

Built-In Stainless Steel Commercial 130Lbs/24H Ice Maker Portable Ice Machine

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Make ice in style with this powerful 300W ice maker that produces up to 24 hours of continuous ice to keep the party going for your friends wedding or a family celebration. The ice maker can make up to 130lbs of ice cubes a day to keep your guests drink cold, so dont put away that new bottle of Greygoose just yet. This product is made from food-grade stainless steel that is both polished and corrosion-resistant, keeping cool on a hot summer day has never been simpler.

Keeping it Fresh
Dont worry about that refill because our ice maker has a protective oxide layer that helps prevent the formation of rust, which means bacteria-free ice cubes for all. This machine is built to last, keeping ice cubes fresh at all times with zero chemical contamination. The stainless steel allows every corner to be cleaned without missing a spot. Choose our reliable ice machine that never disappoints.
Ready, Set, Go
Our ice making machine is always up for the challenge when youve got customers coming through the doors to get some relief from the heat with much-needed refreshments. The ice maker can produce 130lbs of ice cubes a day when it is under 23F. Making ice has never been faster and more comfortable, so get ready to fire up that bbq grill and let the party begin.
Clean like New
Put down the sponge, because your life just got easier. This stainless steel ice making machine cleans with the touch of a button, one click, and thats all you need. Another feature is the reservation button on the panel to set the time you need your ice to start production. The brilliant control panel guides every step of the way.
Always Adaptable
There are two inlets on the machine, giving you the freedom to choose. You can install bottled water onto the ice maker or connect it to a faucet. This machine can be placed in any setting whenever you need it.
High Power
The machine has a standard working power capacity of 300W, which can reach up to 480W. This unstoppable ice maker can make ice continuously without slowing down.

Big Business
This machine was built to handle any environment from supermarkets, coffee shops, and much more. Our ice maker lets your business thrive in every aspect to keep your customers satisfied.

When the water temperature is under 5/ 41, the machine probably can make ice up to 130lbs in 24 hours. So, obviously, the ice quantity depends on water temperature.
In winter, the temperature of water and environment is low, and the ice product is relatively high. In summer, the contrary is the case.
When you receive the machine, please place it for 24 hours before use. This action can prevent the freezing oil in the compressor from going into the tube which may damage the compressor and impact the cooling effect.

Voltage: 110-120V
Power capacity: 300W (up to 480W)
Number of ice cubes: 36pcs
Water inlet source: bottled water or tap water (with a filter)
Cooling method: air cooling
Refrigerant: R134a/100g
Ice capacity: 130lbs/24h
Ice storage: 22lbs

Package includes
1 Auto ice making machine
1 Water inlet pipe
1 Water filter
1 Ice Scoop
1 Water outlet pipe
1 User manual

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):32.28 x 20.08 x 17.72 Inches
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